Kindly Review my Application for Exceptional Talent

Hi everyone,

Please I would appreciate feedback on my profile as I plan to submit my application for Tech nation Endorsement

Background : I am a senior Data management and Analytics professional Currently working in the Tech department of a FMCG organization here in Nigeria. I have previously worked in a Product Led Tech Organization as a Data Analytics Developer and have over 5 years’ experience working in the data management and analytics space on enterprise projects and facilitating enterprise trainings and community trainings outside my work.

Category : Exceptional Talent, Technical Skills

Letter of Recommendations (all specifically mentioning my skillset, contribution and promise in tech with examples)

  • LoR from CEO and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional/ Community lead: Speaking to my contribution to Community training sessions and how he has been my mentor in the data analytics space
  • LoR from CTO and Microsoft Certified Trainer: Speaking about his experience as my line manager when I was working with him on enterprise data management projects.
  • LoR from Data Manager of leading Brewery in Nigeria speaking to how I helped their team implement best practice data management and analytics processes that has helped the business do better and become more data-driven.


  1. Current employment contract showcasing applicant’s ability to secure senior position in large digital firms with high compensation package, with paysale & glassdoor equivalents in the UK
  2. 3 Time Microsoft Certified Trainer Award with Screenshots
  3. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award nomination email screenshot
  4. Video Recording and publicity flyers of my Training Sessions (Microsoft Power Platform Global Bootcamp, Power BI Fest)

5. Video Recording and Publicity flyers of my Speaking Session in Microsoft West Africa MCT Bootcamp

6. Detailed End to End Architectural Diagram of Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Reporting Solution Implementation explaining core tech stack I implemented, my role on the development and impact of the implementation on business processes.

@mikeayus Here below is my point of view.


  • They look good. But Ensure you tie them well with your MC and OCs.

For MC:

  • I think the #1 looks promising and quantifiable by the compensation package.
  • But #2 and #3 look like a certificate that is not strong evidence, except if it is a winning award from a well-known competition event or similar.
  • #4: You will also need to demonstrate the impact, event popularity in your field, viewership, or digital technology event.


  • Similar to #4 above
  • One piece of evidence for OC will not be sufficient.


  • The statement looks fine, but ensure to focus on the impact of your contribution as much as possible. And remember to include some sort of numbers to quantify your impact.
  • One piece of evidence for OC will not be sufficient.

My suggestions:

  • From my perspective, your application for the Exceptional talent route is lacking strong evidence to support your application.
  • Add at least one more for your MC to demonstrate your Leadership in the field.
  • I suggest you spend more time adding more value to your OC2 which could be easy for you to tackle from your experience. Look for a related and popular event with significant viewership, and pitch to them that you want to speak and how you can help them out as one of the key speakers.
  • And since your LOR has mentioned your contribution, try to find 2-3 pieces of evidence, which demonstrate that you have added significant impact from your contribution. Please be reminded to include quantifiable metrics as a key for your OC3.

Time is running out. Be quick and also ensure maintain the quality of your application.

Best of luck.

I don’t think your recommenders have a strong profile, they are mostly Microsoft certified trainers. Data manager of a Brewery may not be suitable to provide you recommendation. We have seen feedback of rejected applications stating these type of referrers are not suitable.

For an exceptional candidate profile, video recording of your training session is not sufficient, high profile events are more acceptable.

Microsoft most valuable professional award is not suitable, I recall it was not accepted for someone who shared their rejection feedback here.

For OC3 , one evidence is not sufficient. You need to read tech national guide to understand what is expected as you need at least two evidence for exceptional talent.

Thanks for the responses.

While trying to go through the MCs, I need more clarity on what is expected to fulfil this

  • Outside of your normal day-to-day job role, you established, led or were a senior contributor to a large technology-led industry initiative, evidenced through reference letter(s) from global senior project executives.*

Thanks for your kind response

Make sure your speaking event are not sponsored , you should have been invited as a guest or key note speaker to address without any commercial impact.