Kindly Review: Exceptional Promise [Business Route]

Happy new year everyone!

This forum has been a great resource and inspiration for me.
I’d like to ask this community for feedback for my draft application for Exceptional Promise (Business Route).

I currently work as Senior Program Manager at Amazon UK, where I spearhead the growth and adoption of pickup locations in the UK and European markets. Before moving to this role in July 2023, I joined Amazon Pathways Leadership Program in October 2022, which is designed to rapidly cultivate leaders with the skills required to excel as Amazon General Managers and Directors and has an acceptance rate of less than 5%. Prior to joining the company, I completed my MBA at the University of Oxford in September 2022. During MBA, I worked as a strategy manager in a social responsibility e-commerce startup for a year and had an internship at Amazon Web Services focused on devising a targeting strategy for web3 startups. Before MBA, I worked in strategy/marketing at a leading tobacco company for 6 years in my home country and worked in a fintech startup as a product manager for 6 months. I’m currently on a Skilled Worker visa.

On top, since 2020, I developed an algorithmic trading bot operating in crypto markets and US Stock Markets with a monthly trading volume exceeding $200M+.


LOR1: Global CEO of a fintech company
LOR2: Founder of many tech/software companies (sold a company with $80M+ valuation and have a mobile game with 50M+ worldwide users)
LOR3: Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Oxford and Director at Oxford Entrepreneurship Center


Evidence 1:

  • Proof of high earning [Base Salary, Equity Option, Sign-on bonus] at Amazon
  • Being accepted into Amazon Pathways Leadership Program, which has less than 5% acceptance rate (Fast-Track Leadership Program)
  • Proof of work as Senior Program Manager (moved to this role in 9 months)

Evidence 2:

  • Reference letter from MBA Programme Manager at the University of Oxford referencing the scholarship I was awarded, my distinctions in subjects focusing on entrepreneurship and digital courses, how I come as a speaker to tech panel and talk about how to navigate into tech career to current 150+ MBA students, my inclusion in an internship programme supporting Amazon Web Service devising a targeting strategy for web3 startups.

Evidence 3:

  • Evidences of leading the growth of social responsibility e-commerce startup during MBA: (1) reference letter from the founder (Forbes 40Under40) and (2) dashboards/metrics showing the growth


Evidence 4:

  • Evidences of structured mentorship to tech startups at leading incubation centre in my hometown country: (1) acceptance email, (2) picture showing on the website, and (3) mentee testimonials

Evidence 5:

  • My articles about e-commerce/tech, stress management in tech career, and how to successfully navigate into a tech career in Harvard Business Review, Oxford MBA Blog, and a leading newsletter in my hometown country.

Evidence 6:

  • Conference Speakings: (1) About “how to navigate into tech career” to 100+ Oxford MBA students; (2) About “how to navigate into tech career” to 100+ undergrad students in my hometown country; (3) Letter from Head of Tech & E-Commerce Career at University of Oxford mentioning my support.

Evidence 7:

  • Participation and training people about “business models, pricing strategies, etc. in tech industry” in a non-profit tech club: (1) photos and videos, and (2) supporting letter.


Evidence 8:

  • Evidences of the high impact projects that I work at Amazon: (1) letter from my manager mentioning the commercial impact £XXM+, (2) screenshots/details of the projects

Evidence 9:

  • Evidences of my algorithmic trading bot with $200M+ trading volume: (1) screenshots from crypto markets and US Stock Market showing the trading volume

Evidence 10: [optional]

  • Reference letter from Analytics Professor (UK MBA transcript attached + evaluating my algorithmic trading strategies)
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I would appreciate any feedback here :blush:
@ask4jubad @Maya @Francisca_Chiedu @alexnk @Victrr @May @alex_james

I think your OC2 and OC3 looks fine but you need to structure your evidence better as each evidence have a limit of 3pages. How do you intend to merge all the speaking and articles into one 3page evidence ?

The mandatory criteria is weak. Outside your work at Amazon and schooling at Oxford, there’s no industry recognition of your work as a leader. Do you have any hig profile tech conference speaking? Do you have media recognition about your work and publications?

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Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu for your response!

Regarding your questions:
(1) I thought I would use one evidence for articles and the other one for speakings separately.
(2) I don’t have any speaking at high-profile industry conferences. Do you think can I move one of the evidence from OC2 or OC3 to MC? (They don’t fit 100%) Or any other ideas?

@ask4jubad @Maya @alexnk @Victrr @May @alex_james
would appreciate your comments.

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