Kindly help with the Product Exceptional Talent Application

Hi All,
I recently learnt about Global Talent Visa and trying to structure my application.I have about 10 years of experience as a Product Manager and overall around 15 year experience

Application Category: Exceptional Talent

Recommendation Letters:

  1. CEO of a Commerce company I have reported directly for over two years. Company is current a unicorn.
  2. Co-founder of Fintech Unicorn, Company 2 with whom I worked on new business product line launches
  3. COO, Unicorn Commerce, Company 3: Directly Reported and led supply chain products


  • Evidence 1: Letter from Company 2 CPO, Direct Reporting
    • Explains exact contributions to company growth, successes, and certifies my $$ impact
  • Evidence 2: Company 2 leading talent in FinTech
    • Glassdoor and Indeed metrics that show this is a good salary for my level of experience
    • Company 2 Amount of funding raised to-date
    • Amount company is currently worth ($xxBn).
    • Reference to Media clippings for Product Launched but doesn’t have my name but highlights the impact.
  • Evidence 3: Participation in company equity buyback program.


  • Evidence 1: Recommendation from Edtech YC founder in India and Fintech YC founder in UK
  • Evidence 2: Recommendation from Co-founder of India based NBFC along with short consulting engagement
  • Evidence 3: Investor in Startups in AI and real money gaming.


  • Evidence 1:Role at previous product led organization
  • Evidence 2: Reference Letter from Supply Chain head of Company 1 with detail of scaling of order and optimization of operation impact.

Please suggest if these evidences will suffice.

Same sitution following @Francisca_Chiedu @alexnk

I think you are relying too much on letters on each of your evidence.

OC2, will need 2-3 strong evidence to demonstrate that you have contributed to grow and help other people in the field by volunteer.

OC3, will need 2-3 strong evidence to demonstrate that you have made significant business impact to your business. Any report, KPI, graphs, numbers, any quantifiable numbers will be essential to show here.

Your MC1 evidence2 seems to be a big one that you may try to break them down and list them into MC and OCs accordingly. Try to start from here and read Tech Nation guideline very careful. It is a single source of truth. Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

I hope this helps @Gaurav_Tripathi