Kindly help to rate my proposal

Dear Community,

First of all, Thanks to the people who are helping here, Hopefully, There’ll be a day that I’ll have enough experience to help everyone else too, for now, I really need to borrow your brain on my application:

I’m a founder with 9 years of experience, three companies, and one exit. applying for the Global talent leader program.

Letters of recommendation
1> From a CEO of a booming health-tech company in the UK, going over my experience and impact
2> From the CTO of a very well known Accelerator, UK based, going over my experience and impact
3> From one of the directors of the largest company in my field, UK based, commanding for innovation and tech edge

1> A Leadership overview documents that explain the projects that I did, with some news clips, etc
2> A document describes my opensource contributions over almost two decades, lots of them are not recent tho
3> My revenue-sharing contracts with some of the companies that worked with, with a reference letter form the CTO
4> A reference letter from a senior manager of one of the largest consulting companies (one of the big four) commands on my reputation and impact
5> A reference letter from a director of a well-known hospital chain, commanding on my involvement as CTO with one of their key projects
6> An offer I received from a UK company, with a salary of ~300k pounds

1> Innovation Overview 1
2> Innovation Overview 2
Both documents go through the design and some implementation on the projects that I did, with some commit logs and design documents
3> some of the references from above

1> Impact Overview 1
2> Impact Overview 2
Going over impact of projects that I did, some minor conferences, awards, user traction, some partnership contracts for products, etc
3> some of the references from above

My main concern is that I wasn’t able to show financial information on previous companies due to highly, HIGHLY restrictive signed NDAs.

Thank you so much for reading so far, Please let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Whats your field?

  1. does the news clipping talk about your contribution to the product?
  2. Reference letter from a senior working for one of the big four is not suitable .

You application has too many references, references alone are not sufficient, you need additional information to demonstrate leadership, innovation and impact.

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Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu for the reply!

my field is software development,

1> Mostly on the product
2> It’s a reference as in evidence of my role in the development of the product

  1. If it is about the product then it doesn’t count. I have seen feedback stating that the newsclip doesn’t make reference to the Author.
  2. The reference from the big 4 referee may suggest that you are a consultant. Did you work with him while at a product-led company or did a project with his company?

Do you work for a product-led company or just building products for projects? Generally, I think you need to go through the Tech Nation Guide and present your evidence to demonstrate that you meet the criteria. As it stands, your profile suggests to me that you are a consultant working on pockets of projects. You said you are a three-time founder with exit, your evidence is not even talking about the startups you have founded, the impact achieved. Reference letters alone are not sufficient. And a high salary is the major evidence which is also not sufficient.

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Hi All,

Just wanted to say that I Just received my endorsement! Thank you all very much!


Please, when did you submit your application?

Thanks, Exactly a week ago!


congratulations. Well done!!!

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