Kindly help review rejected application - Exceptional Promise

These are the documents I used for application

MC1: Evidence leading the growth of a product-led digital technology company.
Screenshots of traction gained, achievement, and proof of product in the market.

OC1: Corporate Affairs Commission and Article of Association for company.

OC2: Employment Contract for present company.


  1. Manager at a VC Firm that knows my work.
  2. C.E.O for a tech company stating different projects I worked on with the team
  3. Head of People’s Operations for last company.


  1. GADS Certificate
  2. Architecture Design for project
  3. Digital Entrepreneurship certificate- HarvardX
  4. Hackathon certificate
  5. Company Documents - Articles of Association e.t.c compiled
  6. pitch deck. for the project - Hackathon
    7 - Digital Entrepreneurship BootCamp Certificate

@alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu (I can only mention two experts as a new user)

Please help review my application so I can appeal if eligible

Best regards.

You overestimate yourself by providing 1 of each criterion.

In overall, I think the assessment is quite clear, as per the evidence provided.

Suggestion for appeal:

  • If you think that the assessor made a mistake with your MC, you can tell them which paragraph and the information they should look at again. You will not lose anything, but at least you get the feedback
  • for the other OC, I think it is already clear that your evidence does not meet the criteria, with a clear explanation for your new application.

My suggestion for your new application:

  • Leverage a maximum of 10 evidence spaces. Try to demonstrate your leadership and your OC1 and OC2 with 3 evidence each.
  • Certificates alone will not meet the criterion, therefore you may include a small image of your certificate to your “1/2” or “1/4” of a page of your evidence maximum, and this is just to show your active learning reactions.
  • Spend more time reading Tech Nation guideline, and read from the other prepared documents in this forum.
  • During building your evidence, think about it, this visa is for “Exceptionally” talent or promising talent. Make sure that your application is exceptionally better than any standard employee you know.

Hope this helps

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Thank you very much.

To answer your question in the inbox message, on improvement area.

A manager does not say that you are an exceptional leader, but just a standard leader.

Innovation needs to be something that is newly invented. New concept. New Idea.
Although the impact of your contribution is not required in this OC.

You need to show the impact by showing the numbers or metrics you measured. It could be sales you generated, the number of hours you saved from your contribution, the number or percent of errors reduced, the number of downloads, the number of new user acquisitions, etc.

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You need not provide sufficient evidence for your application. If this is all you provided them you clearly don’t have grounds for appeal. It is always best to provide at least 3piece of evidence in each criteria, that way an assessor can substitute a weak evidence.

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Thank you very much for your response. A lil bit confused

@Victrr @May @alex_james @Maya @somdipdey @Yusuf_Adebanjo @Chaitanya_Bapat @ask4jubad

Please kindly help me review

Hi @JoJo,

@alexnk has said it all and @Francisca_Chiedu’s comment is spot on. Personally, I don’t understand how you were able to have a category called SUPPLEMENTARY.

Again, these are the two takeaways from all that’s been said:

  1. Spend more time on the guide as well as reading through others’ evidences on this forum. - Alexnk
  2. Have a least 3 evidences per criteria, so that a potentially strong one evens out a weaker one - Francisca_Chiedu

In addition, I think that if you resubmit an application and use these same pieces of evidence, you should consider your strengths for OC3 (the traction that you had on your company for instance is more valuable for this criteria and perhaps your employment contract in my opinion).

Regarding your comment that you are “A lil bit confused” - can you mention why you are confused?


@JoJo if your question is not confidential, let’s discuss here, so everyone can help you in case I am busy.

Please can i submit an appeal if application is modified?

You/everyone can appeal, but you cannot modify your application or add any evidence. Please note that you will not be endorsed based on your given documents though.

If you want to hear more on how to improve your next application, you can appeal on specific evidence you have already provided. Otherwise focus on your new application.