Kindly help review my application feedback: Software Engineer (2nd application): Exceptional Promise

Hello everyone, I reapplied for the exceptional promise endorsement (OC2 & OC3) after an initial application back in June/July. I am looking to apply for an appeal, I would greatly appreciate your input in reviewing my feedback which unfortunately came back negative last week.

I am not sure why they kept claiming that the companies I work for are not product-led. In my first application, I was told that only one of them is not product-led, now, they are claiming my two places of work experience are not product led.

-Also, the letters (from SEES & SEO africa) I have used clearly stated my contribution as a senior mentor and contribution to Tech recruitments (into the UK) as a Mentor.
-My refrees are not consultants but one Senior software engineer, 2 vice-presidents, and one CRO.
-My schorlaship with MTN is over a three years period (2018-2020)- still within the last 5 years
-Letters from 3 mentees as proofs of mentorship.

I’m really not sure what I am not doing right
Kindly find a copy of my feedback. Your contributions will be very highly appreciated. THANK YOU!

This is a case of how you tell the story, you need to realise that TN will judge based on what you present and not what you think is. The job to be done is not just showing a piece of evidence and expect them to take it at face value, you need to go the extra mile and explain why that evidence should be considered based on their guideline. Obviously, they did not consider a lot of your evidence going by the proforma. Without the actual application I don’t think there is much anyone can do to help. A good example will be to add a bio of your referees if not included in their CV and their achievements within product-led tech organisations and links to media mentions if they do have one.