Kindly help review my application before submitting

I am Software Developer, Data Scientist and AI Engineer with over 7 years experience and below are the list of evidence have been able to pull together

  1. I got 3 recommendation letter from 3 senior experts in digital tech
    2.Publised 2 Papers on AI and Digital Health Tech in an international journal
  2. Hosted 3 webinars this year teaching Health Information technology professionals on Data Analysis, AI and ML
  3. Letter of appreciation from the organizer of the webinar(Healthtech expert)
  4. Letter from 3 clients (hospitals) I developed a hospital management information system for
  5. Article on Digital Health Technology in a Uk news site
  6. letter of support from my university professor who knows my work
  7. Certificate of Lagos 2020 Hackhaton where my team came 2nd
  8. Fox news interview article about my startup (though my startup failed)
  9. My Profile link on One Healthtech (Uk grassroot tech community that inspire and enable inclusivity and diversity in digital Healthtech). - I am the Hub Curator representing Lagos Nigeria

What do you all think about this. Your honest opinion would really help.

Question is too generic. If you asking if this looks like a decent application with decent chances of endorsement, then the answer is yes.

Thanks @Shreeniwas_Iyer I took some time to just gather as much evidence as i can and that’s all that i could come up with. Now my challenge is to know which evidence to use for each criteria. and again is all of this evidence enough to get me a chance of an endorsement? i

So, how did it go? Did you get it?