Just got rejected and this is how I intend to appeal it. Please advise me

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your support so far, I just got rejected and I feel that I can appeal it. Here is how I intend to appeal it. Please, help advise me on the best way to go about this. Thank you;

Assessment panel feedback:

The applicant has applied for the Exceptional Promise (EP) route and optional criteria (OC) 2 and 4. The applicant began his career as a Data Scientist in 2017 and is therefore outside the 5 year time limit to qualify for the EP route. However, this assessment has been done on the basis of the EP route for feedback purposes only.

I worked from November 2017 to December 2020 ( i.e 3 years, 2 months work experience), then travelled for my masters in data Science here in the UK.

I started my masters fro m January 2021 to May 2022 and the CV I submitted shows that.

I started working immediately after graduation from May 2022 till now ( i.e approximately 1 year).

Therefore, total years of work experience = 3 years, 2 months + 1 years = 4 years, 2 months.

They approved my OC2 and there is no bad comment about OC2. They wrote YES in my mandatory criteria but in the review, they mentioned that I have more than 5 years work experience which is why I have stated the number of years of work experience I have. Which is 4 years, 2 months.

For OC4, the applicant has submitted a number of journal publications, recommendation letters and a conference paper. It should be noted that the majority of these papers are when the applicant was undertaking his Masters course. As stated in the guidance, research done at Masters level education is not eligible for this criterion. As this is the case, this criterion is not met.

None of my journal publication is linked to my masters degree work and I published more than my 7 journal publications after I graduated from my masters degree. I intend to highlight this point about my journal publication and to let them know that the research one of my referees mentioned was not done when I was doing my masters. It was a live research project that I did in Nigeria before I started my masters degree here in Nigeria.

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Thank you for your support so far. Please, I need your advice on how to appeal it Please, what do you recommend?. @Francisca_Chiedu, @May, @Ido_Moshe, @alexnk, @somdipdey, @immigrant.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

You already answered the question in your post. You need to point out that you had a career break when you went to study and only returned to work in … year It is not clear if a career break is factored as part of your experience but it can be argued. You also need to check that your linkedin and/or Cv history is not conflicting with your claims.


My LinkedIn and CV state what I mentioned but I guess they didn’t take note of it.

Can I also remind them that I am a journal reviewer. Can it help to satisfy OC4 inaddition to pointing to them the journal publications I wrote after my masters degree and to let them know that none of my journal publications is linked to my masters degree?

Thank you for your assistance.

It helps to make further clarification about your contribution to research

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This is strange because according to TN website they should assess your case for Talent (though this might not be something of your interest)

Applying for endorsement via Exceptional Talent does not preclude you from endorsement under Exceptional Promise should you meet the necessary criteria; likewise, applying under the Exceptional Promise route does not preclude you from endorsement for Exceptional Talent.

In all cases, Tech Nation will establish whether you meet the necessary criteria to be endorsed for Exceptional Talent or for Exceptional Promise.