Just got my endorsement!

Hi everyone! Just got my endorsement. Wanted to thank this forum for their support, it really helped me. Here is an overview of my profile in case it is helpful.

Date Submitted: January 30
Date Endorsement Received: February 9

I met the criteria for Exceptional Promise as a marketing director at a UK-based tech company.

3 LORs from the CEO of my company, the Founder of a mentorship organization I worked at, and the CEO of another tech company in my field that I’ve worked with

Leadership Criteria:
Salary + equity information (salary about $20K above average for my position)
Evidence of speaking at a niche event at a university
Evidence of speaking at a niche event online
LOR from another CEO in myfield talking about why they’ve invited me as a recurring guest to their podcast and why my work is innovative

Evidence of a formula I created and managed for prioritizing content
Evidence of a new way I use content to affect both traffic and user experience (added proof of it from Chrome store)
Evidence of a way I used content in a previous position that was innovative

LOR from my direct supervisor attesting to all of my innovation and impact activities
Evidence of a new lead generation process that I created that accounted for ~20% of new company leads last year
LOR from the director of another tech company in my field talking about how my work impacts both my company and hers


Nice one. Congratulations.

Congratulations. hanks for sharing