Job Search in the UK

Hi folks, I recently got my GTV and plan to move to the UK with my wife in December. Apart from LinkedIn and Glassdoor, are there other sites you recommend for job search in Digital Marketing field?

Indeed, Totaljobs, Reeds,


Thanks, @Francisca_Chiedu

1 Like . It is a very old site but that is apparently where a lot of Uk Tech recruiters post first.


Thank you, @badesemowo

You can also signup with recruitment companies, and have them do the hunt for you.


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Thank you, @Blase.Ironclad

Any good recruitment consultancies you can refer ? I am specifically looking for tech jobs such as Data Science, Machine learning…

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Thanks for this, very helpful

@Riyaj_shaikh and Linkedin are a good start.

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Is it possible to find jobs in the UK before arrival? Has anyone had any luck?

Yes, I know several people who got a job before they moved to the UK. You can start immediately.

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Thank you! So, in my CV I’d should just mention “UK Global Talent Visa Receipient, planning to arrive in the UK by DD/MM/YY” and apply is it? :smiling_face:

Would also recommend

Hi @Blase.Ironclad
Can you name a few companies that can be relevant to do hunt for Tech Job ?

Well, I think that is a boastful strategy and one that might work.
I believe that recruiters might be better able to relate to other complementary achievements, though…