Is these product-led companies?

  1. I worked for a USA-based company that specialized in developing and maintaining web applications (products) for other businesses. For instance, during my tenure, I constructed and maintained a financial web application for a client. I am worried because they are a digital agency.
  2. A telecom service provider where I develop new features and maintain web applications utilized by customers for monitoring the network, filtering, and other functionalities.

Also, how many years of experience do I need in product-led company for exceptional promise

I think the no 1. is not a product led company it is an agency.

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There are some other factors to consider such as the information in the public domain about the company. Some terminologies may give it away as not being product-led. Terms like agency, services, consultancy. If that is the case, consider including additional explanations to justify how the company or the division is product-led.

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Both do not appear to be product led companies. The litmus test is source of revenue for your employer. In first case the source of revenue is services provided to another company. In second case it is the telecom services. In neither case it appears that products you worked on were primary sources of revenue for your employer.