Is the personal statement one of the 10 evidence files

Hi all,

I am preparing for my stage 1 application and want to plan out my 10 pieces of evidence. On the submission portal, I noticed that there is no separate tab for the Personal Statement (as seen on the image attached). Does this mean that the personal statement takes up one of the 10 evidence file slots?

If you’ve gone through this procedure, I’d really appreciate your comment!


Hi Frank, Personal statement doesn’t count towards the 10 document. It is somewhere in the online form.

I suggest you fill in some random information, to get some better idea about the online form, and the word count. etc

Your application form will have “personal statement” as one of the items. It gives you the count of words too.

3 LOR as you can see are different.

10 evidences will be part evidence section.

So in all in some ways you can say that you have option to submit 14 documents including LOR and Personal statement.


Hi Steven,

Thank you for your response! I will try to fill out the online form to get to the Personal Statement section.

Thank you! I will try to look for it in the application form section.

i believe personal statement is not an attachment, it is somewhere in the online application that you need to type not in the form of attachment, if you check the guide, it is clearly mentioned that.

Thank you very much @farooq0520. I have found the correct portal for uploading my personal statement.

Hey @fulkast, I have the exact same situation… did you find what is the correct portal ? thanks

Please, kindly you drop the link to the portal. i can’t find it too should be where you apply

It’s mentioned on the visa guide -

Thanks @ [Chaitanya_Bapat
The challenge I have is I don’t know where to type in my personal statement. Kindly assist