Is Stage 1 Endorsement Letter affected if Stage 2 is withdrawn or cancelled?

I was inside the UK on the Graduate Visa. I got the endorsement letter/email for exceptional promise on the 13th of January. Applied for Stage 2 and went for the Biometrics on the 15th of January. Got the confirmation email on the 16th of January that my application details have been sent to UKVI.

However on the 28th of January I had to travel outside the UK due to a family emergency.

The endorsement letter/email states that it expires after 3 months and I plan to apply again when I am back in the UK around 18th of March.

My question is that my application would be withdrawn or cancelled due to me travelling outside the UK on the 28th of January, would that in any way affect the Stage 1 endorsement letter.

I don’t think it should because there is no logical reason to cancel it but are you aware of any rules or restrictions that may affect the endorsement letter in my case?

I have not received any communication/email from UKVI about my visa application being withdrawn on cancelled. I know it will be eventually withdrawn. My question is about creating a new application using the Stage 1 endorsement letter I received initially when I am back in the UK.

My graduate visa does not expire until December 2024.

I don’t think there is any reason for your application to be cancelled or withdrawn if you still have a valid visa. I haven’t come across any rule that states that you can’t travel when you still have a valid visa and have another in process.

The following is mentioned on every visa application page on the website as far as I know, specifically if you are applying from inside the UK.

You must not travel outside of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man until you get a decision. Your application will be withdrawn if you do.

I can travel outside the UK on my graduate visa and enter the UK again but my visa application for Global Talent Stage 2 would be withdrawn according to the wording on the Global Talent Visa page.

This is not correct. You shouldn’t travel when your visa is being processed.

Withdrawing your visa application doesn’t affect your endorsement. If you are still outside the UK, you can reapply, you may get a faster decision than applying from inside the UK.

Thank you.

I am going to choose priority and pay the extra 500 pounds fee to get a decision in 5 days. I got the option to pay for it when I applied the first time but decided not to spend the extra money.

I don’t want to apply from outside the UK because I want to be back in the UK because of my job and I don’t want to risk the visa being delayed and taking longer. If it is delayed or there are issues when I am in the UK then at least I would be in the UK.

The best thing would have been if I applied for the visa outside the UK when the IHS charge was still around 600 pounds a year. I was aware of it but I completely forgot and did not get time to even think about the visa until it was too late and the fee had increased to a 1000 pounds.