Is Sports Betting a category eligible for Sponsorship?

Hello All,

I am curious to know if Product Owners and Product Managers of Sports Betting firms are eligible to apply?

I am interested to know this as well. Especially from someone in the industry that has received endorsement.
In my personal opinion sports betting products are like stock trading products and they fall into a “product-led” company category.

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It’s a great question you’ve got there. When it comes to sponsorship, sports betting firms can definitely be eligible to apply. Many product owners and product managers in the sports betting industry actively seek out sponsorship opportunities to promote their brands and engage with the target audience. It’s all about finding the right fit and aligning with the values and interests of the event or organization. By the way, if you’re looking for some awesome sports betting action, you should check out They’ve got a whole range of options to get your game on.

Sponsorship opportunities can vary widely depending on the industry, jurisdiction, and even the specific goals of the organization offering sponsorship. Sports Betting is a unique area, often falling under both entertainment and financial sectors, which could make it eligible for various types of sponsorship.
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