Is physical signature / img of signature on recommendation letter fine?

One of my recommenders has put in a physical signature (instead of a digital one). Certainly, they can send me the signed scanned copy.

Would that be okay for my application? Please let me know, thank you!

Also let me know if the recommnder simply “inserting the image of the signature” into the doc + sending it to me will suffice?

Most of my letters were physical signatures and I didn’t have a problem. As long as they are authentic and the letters do not sound similar/templates you should be fine.


Thank you very much @Nat!

Also requesting @Francisca_Chiedu @Mide @May @ask4jubad @igortsk to confirm me one last time on this! (I’m nearing the submission window, so please requesting your help here! Thank you!)

Let me know if both or any of the below cases work okay:

  1. Recommender copy-pasting the image of the signature into the doc + sharing the doc with me? (note that this doesn’t contain a “log file to prove the recommender + applicant are in different IP addresses”)

  2. Recommender physically signing the doc (with ink) + sending scanned copy to me? (note that this isn’t on the company letterhead but does contain all other details of the recommended such as email, phone, LinkedIn etc.)

As i said on the other thread where you posted the question too:

For digital signatures I would advise using a digital signing service like docusign as explained in the guide. Shame to fail on technicalities.

Physical signature + scan are accepted

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Hand signed signatures are fine. Just ensure that the recommenders follow the guide in writing the letter.

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Thank you very much!