Is partner required to provide proof of English?

Hi Guys,

Does my partner need to provide proof of good English knowledge when she is applying as a dependent on my Global Talent visa ?

If any of you have done it can you list the required documents your partner needed to provide ?


Was proof of good knowledge listed as a document to submit in your stage 2 list of documents? Before you pay for stage 2, they will tell you what all you need to submit. Why don’t you do dry run and check?

No need of IELTS for this visa, ielts required for ILR for all members after 3/5 years…

Thanks Shreeniwas, it was actually a good idea. ran dry and it didn’t request English knowledge.

What it did request though was “evidence to prove that your sponsor meets the maintenance requirements” which as a sub-item has “letter from the bank that the funds have been in the bank for 90 days”.

As I don’t have any savings but only an employment offer and a salary transaction, I wonder whether this could be a reason for a refusal for my partner’s visa. Any ideas on that?
I might devote a new post to it

Thanks again! you seem to be one of the most active among the network

Hi @Toko - sorry to disappoint you, but I have no idea about that side of the application. I switched my visa while in the UK so that didn’t apply for me.