Is my background matched the Tech Nation criteria for endorsement?

Hello All,

I’m currently live in the UK on the Skilled Worked visa and thinking to switch it to Global Talent visa, but not sure if my experience matched the Tech Nation criteria.

I have over 15 years of experience, all of that connected with data centers: taking care about mass of IT equipment (servers, storage, networks), cooling technologies, power technologies, etc.
On my current job I provide technical assessments of client’s data center and help them to run their data center with the higher uptime and lower operations costs.
On my previous job I was actually running few data centers myself, however these data center were belonged to the client and I used to wok in the company who provide data center operations outsourcing services.

Based on this explanation - does it make sense to apply or that will not meet the Tech Nation criteria?
Please kindly advise.

You first need to read the tech nation visa guide to see if you have evidence to meet the criteria.

I red the guide and I have requested evidence. The question is if my background is good enough to meet the criteria?

By just reading your background it is hard to tell if you fulfil the criteria. The visa guide gives specific examples of evidences you need to support. If you can provide these evidences then you might be eligible. Having a good career is not enough to get the visa.

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