Is it worth submitting an offer Letter of future joining which has high salary?

I have recently received an offer letter which has 60% hike on my current salary and has good equity shares offering as well. Will it be worth putting this as one of the potential evidence ? The only concern I feel is that the joining in this company is after 2.5 months and I want to submit the application asap.

Tech Nation visa is for highly skilled individuals and innovators. I don’t know what to advise here but if you go through Global Talent Eligibility Checker and as soon as you select YES for “Is your aim to work for a large IT company?”, your are considered ineligible soon after that.

@zamana what I mean here is that I have an offer in my current country and its not a large IT company I believe…they have 600 employees as such worldwide. I am just considering that evidence since I read one of the condition that “if you command high salary” etc. Though I am currently earning an average salary but this offer has excellent compensation package. Just thinking will it be worth submitting this evidence?

Yes you can show that as an evidence of having high salary