Is it possible to appeal? Really minor staff is missing

Hi there! I was rejected for Exceptional Promise(( But the reasons sound not too bad.
MC was not given due to lack of proof I am less then five years in IT. I can prove it is so with the description of my previous projects in Arts and Photography. I would like to use screenshots and links. Is it OK to use it in the form?
OC3 was nat given due to lack of proof of relationship with the company I worked at. I provided a Work Record Book in local language - that was stated as a mistake. I am able to provide a contract and translate it to English. Or make a translation of this book in English. How do I submit it? Do I have to start all over again just because of a single document…? May be I can put a translation in the form or upload it online and provide a link…
What is the procedure for appeal? Within 28 days I need to fill in this form ? I can’t find Exceptional Talent form - is it ok to use Global Talent?

@alex_james @alexnk @May @femibiwoye @Francisca_Chiedu @immigrant @oluwabig please help :pray:

i do not understand your question.

@Augusta I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but here are my comments.

You may point out your existing evidence to demonstrate that you had less than 5 years of experience and you want to try the promise route.

In appeal, you cannot add any new evidence. In general stage1 application, screenshots and links are fine as standard detail of evidence. But don’t just put only Links there without good explanation, rather put the strong and relevant details in the evidence as much as possible, while including links just only for reference, just in case the assessor wants to see more only.

Normally the appeal process, would only point out what the assessor had made a mistake by pointing them to the existing evidence files and paragraphs, by typing your appeal statement in a PDF file only. Uploading new evidence will not be possible. But I never heard that you can ask the assessor to Google translate it, you may give it a try, since the appeal is free. You may just need to wait up to 28 days to get their 2nd feedbacks, which is usually good for your 2nd application in the worst-case scenario.

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@alexnk many thanks!

@Francisca_Chiedu I was a bit emotional as I wrote this message minutes after receiving the rejection. I’ll try to reformulate.
I got a rejection for Stage 1 application. There are two reasons:

  1. Regrettably, we are unconvinced the candidate is at an early stage of their technology career. The
    candidate has omitted any work or education history prior to 2019. Had the candidate been eligible, the candidate would meet the requirements for MC for Exceptional Promise due to being awarded multiple Kaggle medals within the past 5 years.
  2. However, the candidate fails to meet the requirements for OC3 because the candidate has not verified
    their employment status with any of the projects listed. The only evidence of a professional relationship
    is a Russian employment log which has not been translated into English, as per Tech Nation guidelines, and a contractor agreement which clearly states they are not an employee.

I want to appeal. As for point 1 I want to describe my experience in art and design and add some links to my works dated 2017 and 2018 - before transferring to IT. Is it a good idea?
As for point 2 I want to translate the document, which was not translated originally to prove OC3. May I translate it myself or should a professional service be used?
In my original application I described several projects with significant impact. I struggled with lack of evidences and attached a contract and a record book for project 1 and project 2. I know it may be weak. But there was also project 3 for the company I currently work at and the impact was huge and it was promoted by the CEO, who gave me a letter of recommendation. Is it a good idea to ask them to have a closer look at project 3? I suppose one project with significant impact should be enough for the Exceptional Promise?

You cannot introduce new evidence in your appeal. You can only point them to existing evidence to explain or reinforce.

Does translation of the evidence count as New evidence?

You won’t have the space to add the translation but you can attempt it.