Is it allowed that an agency submit the application on Stage 1 on your behalf to the Tech Nation UK?

I have come a cross an agency to submit the application of stage 1 on the behalf of the applicant to the UK Tech Nation. The agency posted endorsements which have been sent to its email directly from the Tech nation for their applicants .

I want to ask , is it acceptable to submit the case to the Tech nation via an agency ?

Yes! There are a few who also write the application and submit for the applicant.

Yes it is allowed. During the application, you will be asked if you have a representative.

Thanks a lot ! you help me with your answer .

Thanks for your answer !

Do you have experience or suggest an agency that is specialised in submitting application?

Does that mean that can the agency apply on behalf , so they will choose that they represent me ?

I have experience in application consulting but not in submitting.

Ok , do you advise me to submit my case through agency ? :slight_smile:

It’s completely your decision. You have different option:

  • work on your application yourself and submit yourself
  • work with an application consultant on making a strong application and submit yourself
  • create application yourself and let agency submit (not sure if there’s any value in this)
  • create application with an agency and let agency submit

Application submission is the easiest part, creating a strong application is the time taking part requiring effort.

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Thanks , now it is very clear to me.

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