Is Having A Formal Tech Degree A Requirement

I like to ask, must an applicant have a formal degree in Tech in order to apply for the Tech Nation Visa exceptional promise? I do not have a formal degree in Tech; my undergrad is actually in applied accounting, but I have since transitioned to tech, have learned a lot of tech skills, have built projects in tech, and I am currently working in tech as a data scientist.

You don’t need a formal degree to apply for the technation visa


Thanks for your response. Please if you don’t mind me also asking, can recent projects, code repos, etc. be included as part of my evidences? There are new projects I am working on, which I will like to include as part of my 10 evidences. I am looking to submit my stage 1 application in June or July.

just ensure your contributions are consistent. Using only evidence that are close to the timing of your application may not be helpful.

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Thanks, I have older projects too that I am definitely going to include. Now I apologise if this next question is silly, but I do have a number of old scripts that I didn’t commit to an online repo back then when I created them, instead they are all just on my machine, and I think they will make good evidence. Now, if I create a new repo for them or commit them freshly to existing repos, can they still be used as evidence? Please what do you think?