: Inquiry on Eligibility for Tech Nation Visa Endorsement

Hello Tech Nation Community,

I am Abhiram, a Data Engineer with extensive experience in developing robust data solutions, including web scraping, ETL pipeline management, and machine learning model deployment across different industries. My journey includes roles at two startups, where I’ve significantly improved data processing times and contributed to fraud reduction initiatives. With a Master’s in Computer Science from Middlesex University and several data science certifications, I’ve dedicated myself to advancing in the tech field.

Given my background, I am keen to understand my eligibility for the Tech Nation Visa. I aim to contribute to the UK’s tech sector with my skills in data engineering, blockchain analytics, and innovative project contributions. Could you provide guidance or share insights on how my profile aligns with the Tech Nation criteria? Any advice on strengthening my application would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Abhiram Kannuri

I’d advise to read the guide thoroughly a couple of times. It has pretty good explanations on what TN are looking for