Inquiry about Recommendation Letter and Docusign Log Upload Options

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the process of uploading recommendation letters. I was wondering if there are multiple options available to upload the letter and the Docusign log separately, or if there is only one option available to upload them together. Additionally, I was wondering if the platform accepts uploading a zip file that contains the recommendation letter, Docusign log file, and the recommender’s CV.

If you could provide me with this information, it would be really helpful. Thank you!

Sorry to bother you all over the holidays, but really looking forward to your INPUT!
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You only have one option to upload each lette. You need to upload each letter and docusign signature as a single file

Okay, it makes sense now, thank you.

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu a followup question on this: TN mentions the evidence should not be more than 3 pages. 1st page is my write up, 2nd page photos, screenshots etc, 3rd page → Letter of reference
Now if I attach the document log file, the total doc becomes 4 pages. Is it ok to upload this ?

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Kindly advise
Thank you

The log page doesn’t count towards the 3 page limit.
But each file should be a single evidence item - I don’t think mixing screenshots and letters of recommendation is advised.

I think you need to summarise your write up and put the main evidence on the first page. Reduce self-authored input.