Inputs required regarding extension of UK Global talent visa

Hi All,
I need some valuable inputs for the below scenario,
Myself and my dependents have received a global talent visa that expires in December 2024. But due to a job assignment, we have moved out of the UK. We have lived in the UK for 7 months (Jan 2022 - Aug 22) and I worked for 4 months in the UK. Now we are thinking of moving back to the UK considering my child’s higher studies.
In this scenario, what options do I have?

  1. Will I be able to extend my current global talent visa for the next 3 years ?
  2. Should I apply for stage 2 again and get the visa approved for 3 years?
    or do I have any other option.

I am requesting your valuable input and guidance in this regard, that would help me take the proper decision.
Thanks in advance.

You can extend your current visa if you show your earnings in the UK. Your previous stay doesn’t count towards settlement as you didn’t meet the 180days requirements in the previous years. You should contact an immigration advisor as the information shared here is not legal or immigration advice.

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Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu for your response. Yes, I’m in touch with the immigration advisor. It looks like my timer will reset to zero for ILR

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