Inputs and Advice Needed

Hi All,

I’m reaching out regarding an eligibility question.
I have demonstrated success scaling up tech companies and their growth, international expansion, as part of C-Suite in an HR role. I also have the expertise and am a global conference speaker in Digital Employee Experience, AI, and Automation but have not built any product/apps.

I see myself as a business applicant based on the guideline given by the Technation (indicated below)
Tech Nation will distinguish whether you are a technical applicant (whether your occupation requires you to write code or manage developers) or whether you are a business applicant (any occupation within a product-led digital technology company that doesn’t require you to write code).
My question is do I need to have experience in developing an HR Tech product in order to be able to fulfill the eligibility criteria of Technation.
I know cases that have digital HR expertise have received endorsements.
Any suggestions and insights would be highly appreciated.


I’d love to hear any insights/opinions/suggestions on my query.

Hi there, i am in no real position to answer this however its something im also facing and have looked into quite a bit. It seems that as long as you specialize in hr of tech product companies you will be fine. Afterall, hiring and managing the teams involves knowing each role, how they contribute to the product, etc. In fact a CEOs job is half hiring! Its a bit different for a product company vs as a consultant or say for a newspaper anyway. So you should be fine! The talk you’ve mentioned demonstrates the leadership well and the impact can be shown through the number of people youve worked with/their confidence in you.

I think if you have evidence to show you meet the eligibility criteria and you contribution to the sector, you should be fine. Importantly, get strong recommendations.