Including reference letter from secondary job

Can I use reference letter gotten from a secondary job I do part time (in tech) as OC evidence (together with pay slip, documentation of my work there and maybe bank statement)? Would it be a problem for tech nation that I have two jobs at the same time? Does it matter ?

Please note that I am also using my my main job salary MC evidence.

Certainly, you can depening on the siginficant of the secondary job and if it’s within the digital product sector. I submitted evidence of contract jobs, each supported with an agreement document signed for those projects. Most of these projects ranged from 2 to 4 months, typical for short-term contracts I was doing while doing my full time Job. I emphasized on the innovative nature and significant impact of the project and my contribution also. I also included links to the products and email threads while working on the project.

Thank you so much for your response.

You can. However, if you have different roles in the 2 jobs (e.g. programmer in one job and manager in the other), you can easily confuse the assessor and get rejected. If the role is one, there shouldn’t be a problem. I say this as I have seen such rejections.

Both roles are data analyst roles actually. Do you think that will still be a problem ?

That’s ok. No problem