- Did you get the VISA with them?

Hi everybody,

I’m about to start my Exceptional Promise application with

Do any one of you have experience with them?
Are they trustworthy?

Thanks in advance for the replies

Hi there! I’m planning to do the same thing soon, did you start the process with them? how is it going so far?

@hostilezzz Unfortunately I don’t have news for you. I didn’t start the process yet.

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Avoid, worst service ever. Working with them, almost 1 year since started, no visa yet.

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Please avoid immigram according to them i am not qualified, while i have even worked in UK in the past on tier 2. They seem to be looking for PHD and Above who are naturally easily qualified. Its garbage service you can fill your own forms.


Avoid at all costs. Initially I was taken in by their website and some detailed videos they send on how to apply. Eventually I read the UK Gov and Tech Nation guidelines carefully and most of what Immigram says you need, is not there. Not only that, but they mislead you to doing work and submitting proof for things TN doesn’t care about. For example, include a pay stub, or your highest paid subordinate’s pay stub. This is either ancient history now removed, or something they are adding to scare people into needing their guidance. They charge £5000 for their service, but it is mainly to ‘boost your public profile through conference speaking and interviews’. How they will get these for you better than you yourself is anyone’s guess. This forum is so much better than Immigram, just follow the threads here and grind out the work yourself.

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