I'm about to submit, but I've a couple of questions

Dear All,

Thank you so much for such an active community here. I love it! direct to my application and questions, so here is my plan:

  • Personal Statment:

    Start with three paragraphs that answer the three questions:
    - Why do I want to stay in the UK? It is the best environment for my startup where it can grow.
    - What’s the planned occupation and place to stay? CEO of my startup and Glasgow or London.
    - How am I advancing the UK tech sector? 1) creating a new deep-tech service/product,
    establishing a new marker, and growing my startup to be a deep-tech company.
    After that there are another three paragraphs about how I used automation for enablement,
    maximising capacity, and achieving effciny with examples of my achivments.

  • CV: here is a summary: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohammed-alhamed-471177224/

  • Recommendations: I’ve got five people who may give me the recommendations (see my question below).

  • Mandatory criteria:

    Reference letter of me leading a non-profit organization(charity) tech that achieved an
    Internation award from ITU. The letter will be written by a known and high person who
    I worked with.
    A national most prestigious Award in creativity from national talent organization + newspaper
    articles about my achievement (see my questions)
    A contract with a high salary and as a director of data and information centre (see my question)

  • Optional 1 - Innovation:

    US Patent of a security system.
    My national award in creativity (same as the one above).
    Startup filing certificate, product manual, meeting photos, a screenshot of an innovative grocery
    shopping solution. (the startup failed because I was bootstrapping it)

  • Optional 2 - Significance:

    Reference letter from my manager when I developed a domain name technology that enables
    Arabic speaker to write Arabic domain name. such a development made the international
    organization (ICANN) to adapt multi-language domains and fast-track those who started it
    (My nation was one of them).
    Same Reference letter above but different significant achievement on the national level. (see my
    Same reference letter about my involvement in the non-profit tech advancement but here
    shows how significant it was, it achieved an international award + news and photos.

  • Optional 3 - Academic:

    I published two papers in two top-tier conferences + me presenting at a top-tier conference
    in my field (youtube link).
    reference letter from my second supervisor. (see my question below)

my questions:

  1. is my personal statement structured right? first, answer the questions and then give background
    evidence. May someone volunteer to take a look at it?

  2. Shall I submit five recommendations or only three? Here are the people who may
    recommend me so which ones are the best for my application: 1) my PhD supervisor, 2) CEO of UK deep-tech incubator, 3) a Dr a national/international expert in internet domain names, 4) Two friends who are VC CEOs and technology leaders (both are PhDs).

  3. I’ve got this award for my graduation project back in 2006, is that okay?

  4. What a high salary would be?

  5. Can I use evidence from mandatory to explain an optional, i.e. national most prestigious Award as mandatory and as evidence of innovation (optional)?

  6. Can a Startup filing certificate and product manual, screenshots, meeting photos be used as evidence that I’ve established an innovative startup?

  7. can I use the same reference letter for one optional criterion ( significance) and mandatory criteria the letter will explain the significant part and the mandatory criteria part separately. I just don’t want to ask the same person to give me two letters.

  8. I’ll ask my first supervisor for a recommendation and the second for a reference letter is that a good idea?

Apologies about my long post but I hope that I can find answers to my questions and perhaps someone can tell me how I might be looking at the tech nation eyes…

I think you have a good chance but you need to study the visa guide and make up your mind which criteria you want to use. You have a long list of queries that makes it difficult for volunteers to makes some suggestions. As for your recommendation letters, you can’t use your friends. Your 2006 award does not count as evidence should be within last year’s.

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Thank you so much Francisca.

Largely looks okay. As @Francisca_Chiedu suggested, it may be tough to get volunteers to review the specifics of individual cases, but it seems you are in the right direction

This question has been answered before. The best suggestion is to use 3 as recommendation (only 3 allowed in the form anyway) and use other 2 as letters of reference in your evidence itself. This is assuming your last 2 letters are better than any other evidence you can present.


Have you checked this yet? Percentile points from 1 to 99 for total income before and after tax - GOV.UK

Yes you can. You can tag the same file to more than one criteria - at least that was the case when I applied last year.

Same as Question 5

Already covered above.


Thank you so Much Shreeniwas.