I'm 1 Year and 1month in a product driven tech company

Hi All,

Thanks for the reviews and feedbacks on this platform they are very helpful. I’m interested in applying for the GTV, but I’m just about a year in my current role as a business manager in a fintech.

Will I be able to scale through as an emerging talent?

Do you think I need to give myself about a year to impact the digital technology space in Nigeria more via publications, mentorship amongst others?

I’m considering suitability for this, your response will be highly appreciated.

Hello @_Progress

please read the tech nation guide carefully, and assess your evidences. you will know then where the gaps in your career are and try to work on them.

1 year is quite a short period for having a strong application to apply. Mandatory criteria for example requires recognition in the field nationally or internationally. what evidences are you having for this? what optional criteria are you selecting? what evidences are you providing for each criteria? who are your recommenders? once you collect the evidences, feel free to share in the forum for further guidance.

Best of luck


Hi @_Progress The information you have provided in this post is very little for us to help you determine whether you are eligible for the GTV endorsement or not.

Personally, I have known people who have built or managed very successful tech products in less than a year, but that’s usually very exceptional (whole point of the visa though :stuck_out_tongue: ). If in your evidences you could show that after being the business manager for a tech product/company you have catapulted the growth of the associated tech to very impressive numbers or have created new tech products that are doing exceptional then there is a possibility of getting successful GTV endorsement.

However, as @Maya has already mentioned that there are many more evidences that you need to submit as part of the endorsement application to prove that you are an Exceptional Promise/Talent in the tech sector to get the endorsement.

So, read the TN GTV guidelines carefully and identify which experiences or evidences you might be missing today and work towards achieving them so that you can finally apply for the GTV endorsement.

That being said, there are many posts here by successful applicants for Exceptional Promise/Talent endorsement. Do go through them to learn how and what type of evidences successful candidates have provided to get their GTV.

In case this helps, details of my endorsement application process is provided here: This is how I got my Endorsement for Global Talent Visa under Exceptional Talent Route (AI/ML Researcher)


Thank you @Maya and @somdipdey

I think I’ll need to work on expanding my impact and give this a shot in a year time