ILR for Global Talent Visa under Exceptional Promise route (Endorsed by Royal Academy of Engineering through peer review)

I have been using Skilled Worker Visa since January 2022. Now that I have received endorsement (Date March 15) from Royal Academy of Engineering (peer reviewed) under Exceptional Promise route, I shall be changing to Global Talent Visa shortly.

Given that I have been using skilled worker visa for over a year, I would like to know the minimum duration needed to apply for Global Talent Visa, that can fulfill the ILR requirements.

To clarify, I would like to know:

  1. If I would be eligible for the 3-year ILR route as I have been peer reviewed and sponsored by Royal Academy of Engineering.

  2. If I could accumulate the time spent under Skilled Worker Visa to fulfill the 3-year requirement.

  3. If I apply for 2 years now, will I be eligible to extend my visa further under Global Talent route? In that case, I would need to know if my current Royal Academy of Engineering sponsorship will hold or if I need to apply for a new sponsorship, for which knowing the rules would help greatly.

Hi Ayan,

I have a PhD with more than 16yeras of experience. I wanted to apply for Route 4 with Royal Academic of engineering. Can you please share your experience did you prepare the application by yourself or did you get help from consultancy ?


The time spent on your skilled worker visa will count towards the 3 year ILR requirement for RAE endorsement. You don’t need to apply for new sponsorship when extending. You need to meet certain requirements set out for the visa extension stipulated here: