IHS Refund information

I recently switched students visa to skill workers visa . I paid IHS for 4 years when i applied for student visa but after 1 year I switched my visa to tier 2 skill worker so i have again paid ihs fee . So its been more then 6 weeks passed i still didn’t get any partial IHS refund . Is there way i can get it . Please help me .

Hi Arafat,

The same situation is with me. I did email for partial IHS refund. Its been more than 10 weeks I haven’t heard back from IHS.

Hi Pawan,

Have you received any refund, I am in the same situation but almost 8-9 weeks passed but no refund.


Never! Waiting almost 8 months

Did you receive your refund?@Arafat_Rahman @Pawan_Kojhani

Did you receive your refund now?

Not yet!! Did you get @Tawiah