IHS refund for after visa switch

Hello everyone,
I recently got endorsed by Tech nation while on a dependant visa (Tier 4). I have an existing paid IHS running since Feb 2022. As required for stage 2, I have made payment for IHS meant for 3yrs.

I need advice on how to claim the equivalent prorated fee, left in the payment made while on dependant visa. Note that, I have only spend 6 months in the UK.

Last time I switched visas the refund is processed automatically. It can take 6 weeks according to Home Office, so if you haven’t received it since then it might be worth contacting them. From memory, the refund will go back to the card that paid your first IHS in Feb 2022 (in case they are different).

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Thanks for posting this… Did you get your IHS refund ?

@Nofu_Aguele Yes I got only for my wife after 6 weeks that I paid for the IHS under GTA.
If you do not get your refund within 6 weeks, send email to (TransactionalServicesCorrespondence@homeoffice.gov.uk) stating your request.

Note: refund will go back to the card that paid your first IHS

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I’ve heard a lot here say they got their refund automatically.
When that didn’t happen for me in the past, I wrote to them including information of the two applications:

IHS reference number:

The email I wrote to was:

But you can check the latest guideline anytime here:

@May Have you received any email with the transaction reference number after the refund? I have send an email to TransactionalServicesCorrespondence@homeoffice.gov.uk on January 4th but I have not received a reply yet.

You will get your refund automatically, I got mine four days after my visa approval. Thanks

Hi, I’ve sent the email to the mentioned email address a month ago and I didn’t get any replies or a refund from them. May I know if there are other ways to reach them?