IHS payment page- the visa type for graduate dependent showing as only graduate

I have to apply for a graduate PBS dependent partner, completed the application at the IHS Payment site- in the application summary page my details are furnished whereas the visa type is displayed as GRADUATE (uneditable) formate. Is this ok or it must be graduate-dependent as it is autogenerated I am not able to edit it?
Also on the same page below are the details of the main applicant with whom we are joining. in that section what to choose I am very confused Can anyone help me.

@devika I know this is a long shot, but I’m in the exact situation you describe and would be extremely grateful for any help. My visa type is displayed as GRADUATE, but I’m a dependent of a graduate.

Do recall how you proceeded?

Thank u, I have completed visa and got approval successfully. Nothing to worry about auto generated if main applicants visa code mentioned correctly.

Thank You