IHS payment message of not having a dependant

Hello guys,

I am about to pay for my IHS and I have a dependant, but when I was about to pay, there was a text that said you do not have a dependant. I do have a dependant, can I am very confused about the statement.

Is the person you’re applying with already in the UK? That’s what this question is referring to.

Nope, the dependant is outside of the UK.

Great. Then you should not need to worry about that section.

Do I need a bank statement and police clearance for stage 2?

All required documents should be listed on the application itself. I am not familiar with what is required from country to country; we supplied neither.

I have two dependants and i also received this mesg.
I have mentioned my spouse details and child in visa application form.

When click “these details are correct” then on payment page it only shows amount for me and not for my family.

How will NHS fees will be paid for them ? Do i have to fill up a separate Visa application form for them ? and then pay NHS fees separately ?

@happysoul they will pay for their IHS differently on their own seperate application, just make sure you add their information in your application.


@sojo Thanks a lot. This really helps.

@Happysoul you are welcome my friend.

One more point @sojo

I have entered my wife details in partner section in my visa application form. I also mentioned that she will be travelling with me.

Should i add her details again in dependant details section ?

@happysoul that’s what I did, I added mine as a dependent and partner. She is my wife and dependant too.

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ok got it. Thanks a lot for quick revert @sojo

@happysoul She can be your wife and not a dependant if she is already on a Tier 2 work visa in the UK. That is why I did the double entry. My wife is also a dependant.

Understood. We are applying from outside UK and her visa will be dependent on mine. So i guess yours and mine case is same.

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@happysoul Cool, we are in the same situation.