IHS Payment for someone that paid IHS during graduate visa application

If I paid IHS fee during 2 years graduate visa application in October last year and I now want to apply for Global Talent Visa Exceptional Promise ( 5 years), please how many years IHS fee should I pay since I just paid for 2 years IHS fee and have not been on the graduate visa upto a year?

Should I just pay for 4 years IHS(Medical insurance), or pay for 5 years IHS and apply for refund of one year IHS fee?

Thank you.

Pay for 5 years and apply for refund…

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Noted. Thank you, @alex_james

Someone said IHS will be refunded automatically into the bank you used… I want to also claim my IHS but I have lost the IHS reference number. Please @Francisca_Chiedu is it still possible to get the IHS funds back?

yes. contact th NHSBSA they should be able to trace your ihs ref.

Please is there any link or email? Thank you