IHS fees with Dependants (urgent)

I got my endorsement for promise and am now about to proceed for my stage 2 application.

I plan to move to the UK with my wife and kid, and considering the IHS fee for 5 years, I need some guidance.

  1. Can i as the principal applicant, apply and pay for 2 years of IHS fee first and subsequently extend my visa for the extra 3 years later?
  2. Can I pay for 5 years of IHS fees for myself and less for my dependents ?
  3. Is there a reduced fee for children under 18 for the IHS fee ( have read it is GBP470 for U18 and GBP624 for Adults)?
  4. Is the IHS fee eventually billed in USD or GBP ( someone who paid for IHS on student visa said they were billed in USD)?

Thanks for your respnses.

I believe payment is required for a period of 5 years for both applicants and dependents. It’s worth noting that Immigration Health Surcharge rates may potentially rise in the future (Almost double) , making an earlier application advisable. In my case, all charges were invoiced in GBP.

Source : UK announces big increases to visa fees.

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  1. Yes, you can extend. However, you will need to provide proof of earnings in the UK, along your field of endorsement. See here

  2. I’m curious as well

  3. It’s the same for everybody

  4. It’s billed in USD due to the payment provider. FYI, my IHS fee was $822/year (so, should be within that ballpark)

Thanks for the information

Thank you, I am aware of the potential increment. i was just hoping i could reduce the fees required in the interim .

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How did you sort this out, did you pay for the 5 years in advance?

You don’t have to pay for the full 5 years in advance, you can pay for less than that (e.g 3yrs ) and renew after its expiration, same applies to the dependants

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