IHS Fees for Dependent Miscalculating total fees

I am currently in the process of applying for a partner dependent visa (Global Talent) with a start date of 30-June-2024 and an expiry date of 28-June-2025 (1 Year).

However, during the application process when I reached IHS step it appears to be using the current date, 1 April 2024, as the start date. This results in a higher surcharge being calculated £1552.5 than the standard 1 year fees of £1035.

Main applicant’s i.e. my Partner’s visa is expiring on 28-Jun-2025.

There is no option I can see in the IHS where it shows the start date of the visa, in the application form I have put the correct start date.

Is there a way to correct this or will I get any refund afterwards?

I would be grateful if you could clarify the correct way to proceed with the healthcare surcharge calculation.

Should I proceed with the higher amount displayed by the system, or is there a way to adjust the date for a more accurate calculation?

Not sure why it is using today’s date. You are meant to enter the date your partner’s visa expires. If it is using today’s date then use April 1 2025 as expiry, try that to see if the cost adjust. from my experience, to get the same or similar quote as your partner, you have to use the day you are applying and the anniversary of the dage you applied. This will depend on the numbers of years you are paying for.

Hi, here are the details.

Partner Visa expiry: 28-Jun-2025
I am planning to move: 30-Jun-2024

So technically it should take 30-Jun-2024 as a start date while calculating IHS charges, however it is taking today’s date as a starting and calculating IHS for 1.5 years i.e. £1552.5.

Ideally 1 year should cost £1035

Anything you can help!

I had a similar issue with a much higher surcharge fee being calculated. I went through the applications thoroughly and could not find an error. I contacted them via phone and email to lodge a complaint, as there must have been a glitch in the system. It was corrected before I proceeded. Do ensure that the information in your application is identical.

Thanks, Shantravel24.
May I ask when was this incident? Which month/year.

I will retry again.

I tried submitting application again, checked everything, and still getting charged 50% higher than stated fees.

I guess it is taking current date as a start date of visa and not the date I mentioned in the application form.

recapturing the issue…

  1. Main applicant visa is valid from 28-Jun-2022 to 28-Jun-2025 (3 Years)
  2. I am making the initial application for my spouse to join me, she is expected to land in the UK only on 30-Jun-2024
  3. In the partner dependent visa application form I have answered 30-Jun-2024 (expected date of arrival).
  4. If my dependent visa is going to be granted from “30-Jun-2024”, I should be able to pay the IHS surcharge only for 1 year and not for 1.5 years.

It is charging me £1552.5 instead of £1035

I am unable to proceed with the application as it is costing 50% higher than stated fees.

Is there anyone who can help in resolving this.

This was January 2024