If received GTV, Shall I still work on Skilled Worker

Hello All,

I am working on Skilled Worker Visa, If in case I received the Global Talent Visa, Would I be able to continue the job I am doing or if they dont allow me, shall I look for the job immediately as my visa changed.

I know I can speak to my management if they can allow me work for them with Global Talent Visa, if they haven’t allow me then what are the options, just to get another job?

I don’t think getting global talent affects you job. Global talent gives you the opportunity to pursue other alternatives, you may decide to remain with your current employer.


Hi Francisca,
Thanks for your immense support.
Please i have a question.
I applied sometime last year but didn’t get endorsed because my MC category did not have sufficient evidences. That was the feedback. I used my salary and payslip as evidences. The other categories were okay.
So now i have spoken in a digital event and published a couple of articles about 5/7 and then i hosted a webinar but unfortunately i only had 7 attendees and someone stated this webinat evidence might not he sufficient too. In your opinion,do you think my articles and event is sufficient enough. Thanks

Well, it depends if the speaking events is a high profile digital sector event with at least 100 attendees. Also how recent are your articles and events?

Thanks Francisca,i have two from last year and i’ve been publishing monthly this year since January.

Recent applications suggests that articles are not considered strong evidence unless it has significant readership which you can show by the number of comments, number of times your publication was shared. If you are using academic publications then number of citations also helps. Overall, tech nation will decide if the quality of your evidence shows you have National or international recognition for your work.

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Oh thanks,that means the speaking events and international recogintion are stronger evidences. Thanks i apprecaiate. I will be back on update on my application.

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