If link in evidence not working anymore after application submission

I have submitted my application 2 weeks back. In one of my evidence for Mandatory Criteria, 1 of the 3 links is not working, it says “page not available” and this is due to the fact that my profile which was on my company external portal has been disabled since I resigned from that company and my last working day was just last week. However one of the link where my name is mentioned is still working in that evidence. Now in this situation what is the best possible solution ? is there a way to inform tech nation assessors about this fact or any other suggestion PLEASE?

I am certainly not the expert here, since I was only recently endorsed and have not yet completed Stage 2, but my understanding of the rules is that evidence should include more than just links (that is, evidence should include screenshots or excerpts of relevant web pages/documents — not just links to the web pages). I believe the review committee will only consider what you include in the documents you submit (not following links to web sources). So I’m hoping you included more than just links in your supporting documents? If you only included links, hopefully, your other evidence is strong enough to meet the criteria on its own, so all hope may not be lost.

Again, I’m not an expert. So I imagine someone else on the forum can weigh in with more authority. Just wanted to be helpful based on my understanding of the current rules (I was just endorsed in the past month, for context).

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Yes I included screenshots, description and contribution too. However I included links for the verification purpose so that they can check online. I am just worried now. Should I considering mailing them on GlobalTalentEndorsement@ homeoffice ?

I don’t work for TN or part of the review process, but I think you should be okay. TechNation will be looking at your application holistically. If one of the links don’t work, that shouldn’t affect your application by much, as the rest of your evidence should speak of your case. I wouldn’t worry much about it at the moment.

I understand the anxiety, but I suggest you wait for your response before taking any further action. All the best.


thank you so much @Shreeniwas_Iyer @dashad Finally I am endorsed in my second attempt. You mentioned rightly they considered my whole application rather just 1/2 links of my evidences which were not working. I want to thank all the alumni members who have helped resolving my queries and getting me on the right track for my application. This forum is really helpful and guiding candidates identifying even the smallest mistake which can lead to rejection.


Congratulations on your endorsement

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thank you very much @Ibukunoluwa