I used Global Talent Advisor AI

Hi All,
A month or so ago I was endorsed for Global Talent visa but I never had the chance to share my tips and tricks. One of most helpful thing was using a custom GPT that I created for:

  • Getting feedback on my overall application
  • Getting feedback on my evidences
  • Using it to rephrase my evidence document or recommendation letter Text - as case officers are looking for potential keywords. It’s very important to choose right language.
  • And anything you might want to ask or can think of.

Link: https://chatgpt.com/g/g-P207NIsdd-global-talent-advisor-for-tech-nation

I wish the best of luck to anyone applying. And suggest that you use read the criteria provided and try to map your evidences onto them with exact words.

Make it easier for the case officers.

Tech nation guide doesn’t permit the use of AI…

You are correct. This is meant to be used for assistance but not something to entirely rely on.

The AI can provide suggestions on improving evidence/case or general feedback - which really helped me. Or proof reading.

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