I need help to rate if my evidence is outlined to match the requirements

hello all i need help to know if my 10 evidences align with the criteria for tech nation. also if the arrangements of this evidences can be re-structured. I am a UIUX / product designer

Recommendation letter
(LETTER 1) - Former head where i worked, now CTO of a company, also organizer of a high profile event i spoke at
(LETTER 2) - Senior designer of a highly recognized company globally and founder of a design community
(LETTER 3) - CEO of an Edtech startup where i studied blockchain technology

Mandatory Criteria
1- Evolution and improvements of product in my current place of work with metrics to show
2- Speaking at a high profile event (where recommender is the organizer)
3- Published on two national newspapers speaking about my website i built for the ux community
4- Assessing the work of others iin an organization where i was a mentor
5- Reference letter from head of design at my current place of work to support my evidence 1

Optional 2
1- Design founder of a website that i built for the ux community where i have metrics to show and multiple feedbacks of how it has helped kickstart alot of people’s UX carerers (I dont know if this can be in option criteria 3?)
2- speaking and teaching engagments for 3 organizations
3 - Mentor at two different organization (one is from my mandatory evidence 4 where i accessed the works of individuals)

Optional Criteria 3
1- Impact as a UIUX designer in a company’s product i had worked on in 2021. Revenue generated and adoption of product
2- Reference letter from founder to support my evidence 1

please please please let me know what you think i will truly appreciate this @Francisca_Chiedu @Maya
please help

I think you have the potential to get endorsed. How recent are your evidence? How well do your recommenders know your work? Do they know you more than 12 months. I am concerned about using the conference organiser as your recommender. I would rather use him to strengthen the speaking evidence. You can combine pictures of you speaking, programme of event and reference letter from the organiser confirming the number of participants and why you were asked to speak. This is just a sing evidence. Look for a third recommender and ensure all recommenders have strong public profile that suggests they are leaders or experts in the field.

  1. The two media publication how recent are they and what did they talk about the website.

  2. What do you mean by assessing the work of others at a mentor and what evidence do you have to show this. Often this assessment of work sound more like you are a peer reviewer of a tech project or journal than mentoring. If you decide to use this you your evidence will determine if it actually shows leadership.

  3. You should merge 1 and 5 as a sing evidence.

OC2 look good but not so clear

  1. Are you saying you founded a design community and built a website that shows metrics of people who have benefited from this community? It’s best to use this in OC2 not 3

  2. For the three speaking engagements how recent are these events and how many people attended. Do you have pictures that show the size of the event, programme of event? How do you intend to fit all three into one evidence ?

  3. Are these structured mentorship programme? What are you going to use to demonstrate this evidence. Don’t use the same evidence in mandatory for OC2. You can’t repeat same evidence in another criterion.

OC3: you can show your contribution,product you built and give details of the revenue generate

You should get a reference letter from a senior member of the organisation not just your direct manager or immediate colleague.
The third evidence could be your proof of high salary. I noticed there has been no mention of your earning and stock option in both mandatory or OC3.

@Francisca_Chiedu firstly thank you for taking time to respond. i appreciate it.

answering from the beginning

My evidences span from 2021 till 2023

  • All my recommenders know me for 2 years plus some over 1 year
  • the organizer of the event was also the head of innovations at my previous place of work in 2021 who is now a CTO in another company. so he spoke about my work at my previous place and also my contributions speaking outside of my work

3 - They were published in August and October 2023, and it is an interview for me how i started in UIUX, and speaking about why i created the website (uxresourcehub), and i was uplifting the female gender in tech

4- i could take the accessing part out although, i gave assignments to mentees in the organizations , i reviewed their works on figma, i scored their assignments and left them feedbacks

5- ALRIGHT i will do the merging

1- It is not and i didnt found a design community but i built (the design founder) a website for the ux community where both aspiring and seasoned designers can gett access to free and easy to step-by-step UI/UX lesson videos and vital resources for free.
it has been used in 91 countries worldwide and my 6.1k+ individuals and helped people kick-start their ux career. Do you think it should still be OC3?

2- They are very recent from august 2023 till December 2023. i have screenshots showing number of viewers, the feedback ratings and feedback comments left by multiple people. i have posts of these organizations on their social media. i think i could try.

(QUICK QUESTION : Can i use a separate evidence for speaking at 2 organizations and another evidence for speaking and teaching at an EdTech organization with supporting letter on a page saying why thy they asked me to teach?
or teaching engagement cannot be separate?)

3 - Yes they are structured, i have screenshot emails of onboarding me as a mentor, i have screenshots multiple positive feedbacks from mentees, a fellow mentor and the regional lead, i have screenshot of the gift box i got from the organization.


  • I do not have any high salary proof since its on contract bases. the only high salary i earned is from my current employers and its on a 3-3 months bases contract renewal.

Now I’m confused.

@Francisca_Chiedu thank you. you can respond to this with feedbacks. Bless you

Evidence within august-october 2023 are not sufficient. It is recent.