I need help to organise my evidences

Hello everyone,

I need help to organize my evidences as I have put together 10 documents of 3 pages each in a Microsoft word.

MC Evidence

Evidence 1: I work in a product-led company as a client onboarding specialist, and I am leading the operations of the organization. I described the company which is a derivative platform and talked about one of the products which I am part of the team that led the launch of the product. I stated the features of the product stating the role of my job on the product and I added screenshots.

Evidence 2: I talked about the strategies I used to manage the team and our clients with the use of technology and the products available to use, the reports I pulled out on the CRM. I intend to attach my proof of salary to this evidence and my CV as the Evidence 3

Evidence 4: I talked about my role and how I provide all supportive materials to our clients on the product the company offer.

Evidence 5: I talked about my speaking engagement about my work, and as a professional.

Evidence 6: I talked about my most interactive post on LinkedIn about the technology behind Apple savings account.

Evidence 7: I talked about my first article.

Evidence 8: I talked about my second article.

Evidence 9: I talked about my third article.
Evidence 10: This is my personal statement talking about how I began my journey into the tech industry in 2015.

As a client onboarding specialist, my role is connected back to digital technology and I was able to sync them together in my evidence.

I am working on getting my 3 references as well.

Kindly share your thoughts.

Thank you

Your evidence are mostly about your work you also need to talk about your contribution and recognition in the sector.

You need to divide your evidence into Mandatory and two Optional Criteria.


Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu for your response.

In my writeups, I added my contributions to the sector.

In my evidence 4, I started with my contributions to the company and clients.

I have been with xxx for 4 years now and have made significant contributions to the company and our clients. One of the most important contributions I have made is developing a comprehensive client onboarding process that provides our clients with everything they need to start trading confidently from day one.

My contribution involves working closely with our clients from the very beginning of their engagement with xxx. I guide them through the process of setting up their accounts, explain our trading platforms, and help them understand our trading tools and resources. This approach ensures that our clients have access to everything they need to trade effectively from the outset.

I further explained My contributions to xxx and being a part of the team have helped build a strong foundation for our clients to trade confidently and profitably. I am proud to be part of a team that led the innovation and launch of the unique Naira platform, and I am committed to providing exceptional service, and I look forward to continuing to support our clients as they pursue their financial goals.

I will work on every other evidence as you have mention that contributions and recognition is important.

Thank you so much

Hi @Temitola_Ololade ,

I believe your contributions to the sector should be work you have done outside your normal everyday work with everyday clients.
This part should be about what “You” have done , contributed outside the four walls of your job and to the digital economy.

Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.