I’m in need of help for my exceptional promise application as a game developer

I have done my person statement and cv
For my recommendation I got one founder of a game studio which have had success and recognition out here in Nigeria in which I helped with QA and he knows my work.

I also got a recommendation from a CEO of a gaming company With a background as an Award- Winning Gaming and Tech innovator, Grammy-nominated recording artist, and songwriter.

For my third recommendation I got a reference letter from the Co- Ceo of a multi-award-winning game company know for thier successful multi-platform game release on Play station, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and Steam.

For my first MC1 evidence I led the role as a creative director/game producer at a indie startup that’s got an award in ark pitch competition, also I got an interview which is scheduled with the Game dev of color expo, also led the team to be nominated two years in a role (2022& 2023) for best games done with the game engine on thier official site and YouTube. Also accomplished a steam and epic games listing having 180 in 14 days now. Led the team to get a pitch at Xbox dev pitch event. For the evidence I clipped the email of from the game dev of color( but I can’t show the contract), then I pasted the images from the steam page and epic metrics tab, I also pasted the nomination screen shot and link to the official YouTube channel of the game engine and a pic or the arch pitch winners first place.

For the second MC1 was a game the level designer/lead QA Engineer that I was an early developer for in a start up studio. This game won the Doj games award and was showcased in multiple exhibition here in my country, we also got recognition from TheBlackGirl Gamers/World Africa day of play show case. And we have amounted to over 30,000 in cross mobile platform. For the evidence I put the download metrics from the App Store and and play store showing the 30,000+ downloads, then I also put the link to the BlackGirl Gamers instagram and also a screen shot of it. Then also a reference from my fellow mate who is the founder.

Thirdly for the MC3 I was a panelist at a major game event in which I talked on stage with other 3 panelists on topic of game development and the ecosystem. In which I answered major questions. For the evidence I put screen shot of me talking on stage and a reference of the post on thier official LinkedIn profile.

For my Q2 I put the significant impact outside my current employment at a voluntary position of a game house in New York. In which I was in charge of development of the app which uses a game engine called Unity 3d and also C# programming. This app is known for its unconventional way of development I highlighted my task and roles vividly. For the evidence I put screen shot of the app under development then a screen short of the Plastic SCM repo almost like git. Then I put a google drive link of video of me testing the app before beta release. Note this app is not yet release currently in beta testing.

For my second Q2 Speaking at an industry leading expose, here I talked of my role being a speaker and on the topic of exploring career opportunities in the Africa gaming industry. For evidence I put pics of me talking on the front stage, I also put pic of me speaking to young developers and mentorship. I also put a google drive link of pictures of how the expo went. And EsportsAfricanews weblink of the banner event.

For my OC3 I put the impact of my role resulting to the success of The Gamathon Convention that lasted for 6 days. My role included leading the Program management of this gaming event which required me to run and plan traveling preparation of delegates traveling from Zambia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. I also mentored kids and spoke to them on the career path of game development which isn’t taught to them in thier school thereby causing a positive impact. Through all this action led to the success of the Gamathon and allowing the host of the event win an award and recieve recognition. For evidence I put the screenshots of travel preparations of the delegates, I also pasted the screenshots of team session part from the website showing my role as a program manager, I also posted a link for highlights of the Gamathon convention conference from the official website.

For my Second OC3 I added the reference from the founder of the company showcasing my impact.

For the OC3 I led the development of a Norse mythology themed game with my teammate which got significant impact and recognition within the game industry in 2022. We got the opportunity to pitch to the Xbox accelerator program head and we got positive feedback from the community and YouTube. Having comments that wer surprised of Nigerians having such quality of game in the game space. This development is currently paused but we have a Test demo for download. For the evidence I put screenshots of the YouTube comments we had on the demo gameplay, Also added a google drive evidence of players playing the game in a showcase.

I don’t know if all this is enough to meet the criteria for exceptional promise but I have 5 years and 6 months of experience that’s over 6 years of experience.

I really need feedback would appreciate any response.