I hope this wouldn't affect me

Hi everyone,

I currently work for 2 companies in Lagos and would be getting 1 recommendation letter and 1 reference letter from the CTO and CEO of both companies respectively.

I hope this wouldn’t affect my chances during the application.


I don’t think so. I have seen a number of successful applicants working full-time somewhere and then volunteering in other places.( advisor, director, mentor, freelancing, etc).

Don’t forget that the assessors will look at your track record over the years and not just what you currently do. You have to however be able to show how what you do (and have done) fit into the various criteria.

They are also super interested in the things you do outside your day-to-day work.

Wishing you the very best.


I don’t think so. I will just say, one can talk about how innovative your product was and the other can write on impact showing metrics and how this has helped the company.

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