I got the Promise endorsement, but I applied for Talent

Hi TN Community :wave:t3:,

I recently got endorsed for Promise, however I applied for Talent. I have been a senior exec for 3 years (in product led financial technology companies), with 10 years product experience and I also have 2 companies I cofounded… do you think I can appeal?

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Congratulations, does it have an impact on the main objective of you applying for global talent?

Not really…I would just like the added flexibility of mobility after 3 years instead of 5… I travel quite a lot for work and vacations, and I am concerned that this could affect that. Not a deal breaker and I am happy to have received the endorsement (although I could be wrong with how I think the days in country are calculated), but I would love more flexibility after 3 years over 5 years😭.

As far I as I know there is no mechanism for you to appeal this. Unless you want to ask home office if you were endorse in error.

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Thanks for the feedback :pray:t2:

First, congratulations.

Work-related travel (out of the UK) does not count against you. Please get the proof and the 5 years will pass in no time.

Thank you.

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Thanks Oladayo for that tip!

On the contrary, I applied for promise and got endorsement for exceptional talent!


@salisuuba did TN explain why they endorse a talent instead of what you applied?

hi @salisuuba, how many years of experience did you have? thanks for sharing, I am also contemplating whether to apply for talent or promise

Hi I have more than 10 years of experience. But with a bit more than 5 in tech specific.