I got my GTV today

Hello everyone,

I am excited to share with you all that I have received my GTV (Global Talent Visa) today. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped me in this journey. This forum has been an incredible source of information, where people share their experiences and knowledge to help others.

I was able to process my visa without the need for an external immigration lawyer or consultant. Instead, I relied on my own research, which involved watching videos on YouTube, reading blogs, and studying success stories of people who had gone through the process before me. I also reached out to individuals from my home country, India, who had been endorsed earlier, and asked them about their experiences.

With all this data collected, I was able to create a strong story with supporting evidence. And finally, my efforts have paid off, and I am now the proud recipient of a GTV.

I would like to thank everyone once again for their support and guidance throughout this process. It is truly amazing to see how we can help each other achieve our dreams and goals through collective knowledge-sharing.


Wow. Lovely. Congratulations @Praveenmk07

Don’t forget to join the Visa Alumni Slack workspace. It is super useful.

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Congrats. @Praveenmk07 can you share when did you apply and when did you receive the decision?

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Absolutely… It’s a gold mine…