I got endorsement for Exceptional Talent

I sincerely appreciate everyone on this platform for their support. This place became a solace for me whenever I am confused on the next steps in gathering information for my application.

I currently have an application with the home office for student dependant visa and I have not received decision yet. Now that I have gotten endorsement how can I go about the application I have in with the home office.

Also what happens to the IHS fee I have paid.

Thank you.

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I think they may refund your IHS when you apply for your global talent visa.

When you apply for Global Talent you’ll have to pay for the full IHS fee.

Then you can write to IHS on the grounds of paying the IHS fee twice.

I’ve had experience of overlapping IHS payment and I wrote to them including information of the two applications:

IHS reference number:

I was advised I’m eligible for a refund if I made the IHS payment twice to cover the same or overlapping periods of the IHS payment.

The email I wrote to was:

But you can check the latest guideline to confirm.