I got endorsed for the UK Global Talent Visa in the category of Talent. I applied as a DevOps/Technology Evangelist

I am Edith Puclla, and I got endorsed for the UK Global Talent Visa in the category of Talent. I applied as a DevOps/Technology Evangelist :slight_smile: :blush:

In 2022 I saw a post on LinkedIn about Global Talent Visa, I asked this person for an interview, and he told me the necessary I should have to apply for this visa. He was also encouraged to make it. I had a hunch this was going to work. However, the complexity of detailing/getting all the requirements and imposter syndrome prevented me from completing them as of January 2022. By December 2022, I had compiled a few screenshots of my papers and articles. In 2023, I decided to advance some letters of recommendation and my statement; however, everything needed to be more organized and follow the Tech Nation Visa rules.

I don’t remember if it was in February that they announced their closure, and I felt so bad. I had been putting off so long to complete it. I needed help to do it. Two weeks before the closing, I was very desperate, my grammar errors were horrible, and my writing logic was not coherent and alienated to demonstrate my talent. I was lost, and time was passing, tic toc tic toc

March 31 arrived, and I still needed a signed letter of recommendation. 31 March Tech Nation Visa was closing. The following Monday, April 1st, my letter of recommendation was signed, and I sent all my documents the same day.

After ten weeks I received the email with my endorsement. I am tremendously grateful to life and those who supported me in this process. :hugs:

Documents I sent:

1. Letters of Recommendation:

  • CTO
  • Committer and Project Management Committee
  • Chief Open Source Officer

2. Support Letters:

  • Community Relations Manager
  • Developer Advocate
  • Co-Founder of a startup
  • Senior Global Community Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer

3. Evidence:

*** Mandatory Criteria:**

  • Contributions to Open Source
  • Blogging
  • Media Mentions
  • Awards
  • Public Speaking 1
  • Public Speaking 2

*** Optional Criteria 02**

  • Volunteering 1
  • Volunteering 2
  • Blogging
  • Public Speaking 1
  • Public Speaking 2
  • Impact on Open Source

Optional Criteria 03

  • Impact on Open Source in a Startup
  • Impact on Open Source for a big tech company

4. CV and Statement

I hope it helps you, keep pushing, and don’t give up!

Note: Do you know how I can enter the groups of students who obtained the endorsement? I think there is a Slack group; if there is, please send me the invite :pray:



Congratulations Edith!
Thanks for sharing your experience.
I am motivated to start the journey.

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Congratulation and thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations :tada:. You had more then enough evidence to ace this. Happy for you.

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Congratulation. I am also a DevOps engineer. I need help with my application. Can I send you an email?

@edithpuclla Congrats:) I also got endorsed this week. I was wondering if you could find any info on Slack or similar networking opportunities with other visa holders.

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What are support letters? Does it count as one of the 10 evidence?

Congratulations! :slight_smile: Happy !! Yes, please let’s connect on LinkedIn. Please look for me with my name: Edith (Edi) Puclla

This was a page that I added in some evidences. Since we have three pages maximum to complete, in some of them, I added a third page with a support letter, which was a small recommendation letter of the person who talked about my contribution to that specific evidence.

Hi Edith, can you kindly shed more light on this?

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I worked remotely for a Startup from San Francisco in the past. My contributions are in the part of DevOps and delivery of the product. I added all this evidence of my PR and other contributions, showing real numbers like the number of stars or our repository or the downloads that our software gots after our deployments, as well as public positive feedback I received from the maintainers. Hope that helps!

Thanks, Edith. I just wanted to clarify that although I made several contributions to a startup, they weren’t part of any official employment agreement. Rather, I freelanced for the company through Upwork. That being said, I also made an open-source contribution to a popular tool in the community, but again, I didn’t work for the company.