I got a rejection and need help understanding what I did wrong

I got a rejection yesterday after applying 2 weeks ago and need help understanding their reasons better.

For mandatory criteria, I submitted evidences the following evidences:

  1. leading marketing efforts at a digital bank. I partnered with different organisations like Microsoft and organised radio interviews discussing effect of data and how Nigerians can grow their businesses using data and technology. I listed YouTube links to the recorded interviews which was uploaded on the company’s YouTube page. I also listed YouTube evidence links to the recorded zoom webinar session and digital web festival I organised during COVID - all these was uploaded on the company’s youtube page. Is this not enough third party evidence? I attached a screenshot of my chats during the zoom webinar to tie in my moderation of the event but zoom stores chats in notepad version so could this have been the problem?

  2. I also attached a screenshot of the growth framework I developed in my second company and a reference from the CEO of the company corroborating my contribution in the second word document page, could this be what they mean by having more than one evidence in the same file?

for optional criteria 2:

  1. for the tech festival, it had over 15,000 preregistered attendees and 5,000 attendees. I attached screenshots of the event’s app, photos from the event and links to some media mentions. I spearheaded the content strategy for the event and explained the significance of the event.
  2. the tech talkshow i attached screenshot of the youtube page statistics shows 350 subscribers and 11,000 views as well as reference letter from the show’s host in the same word doc. the talk show talks about tech and interviews different tech startup founders telling upcoming tech entrepreneurs how to set up this business. does that not count as advancing the digital technology field?

for optional criteria 3:
I again uploaded screenshots of marketing plans i wrote and performance analytics screenshots which should serve as third party evidence but do they want the screenshot to show the screengrab to show the google analytics window?

I am honestly confused as the companies i have worked for are all startups who is yet to release their financial statement or do much press coverage so it’s really hard to show anything from the media. I need help on how to present my second application.

Please help me as I a really discouraged right now and wondering if it’s all worth it at this point. Many thanks.

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Hello, I sincerely sympathize about the rejection.

It is quite difficult to judge the reasons from the description, but I will try to “translate” what was not enough for a positive answer as I see the proforma:

MC - your leadership. They want to see your name in reputable media.

OC2 - they lacked a sense of relevance. I assume that there is no clear explanation of the significant impact of your activities on the industry. If there is one, appeal it.

OC3: lacks public validation (e.g. your name in the news in the context of what you do).

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@Oluebube So sorry for the rejection.

At this point, you can appeal based on the things that you have highlighted with the numbers and all.

Since you can’t add any additional information.

Sometimes, the reviewers tend to miss out important information - don’t take it too hard on yourself.

It’s possible that you may have organised your document in a slightly less convincing manner too.

Significant impact tied to revenue and a strong profile that shows recognition are not emphasized in your application. It hurts, but the assessor sees tons of applications daily that closely match the requirements enough for him/her to identify one that is at variance. Consider allowing a recipient review your documents and how you arranged them in each criteria. A couple of people on this forum are happy to help you with that.