I am looking for feedback on my profile (Exceptional Talent)

Hi all.

I’ve been considering applying for the TN Global Talent Visa (GTV) and have assembled my evidence and recommendation letters. I’m seeking feedback from the community members on my profile to gauge my chances of receiving an endorsement.

Summary: I am a business applicant, founder of a tech company having 20+ years of experience in business and technical lead,

Documents Required

· CV - 1 page
· Personal Statement - about myself, plans to move to the UK, and why I will stay and how I will contribute to the local society.

Recommendation letter from client company A
Recommendation letter from client company B
Recommendation letter from client company C

Mandatory Criteria 1:
1). I started by writing about how I developed my business since I started in 2008 but made a digital product within the last 5 years and
about company vision and mission my contributions as a CEO.
Certificate of Business registration and my shares

2). Financial Matrix/Audit reports from the last 5 years would be 3 pages in total (balance sheet, cash flow, profit loss). Demonstrate how I managed to make 10x growth. Financial shows sales, traction etc.

3).Recognition and awards from known companies at national level and one international,

4). Articles mention my name and in a few of them product name and also the company name, but they are not from the famous e-newspapers. Have viewership of 5000+ people.

Optional Criteria 2 (Contributions outside of work):
5). Certificate of my business membership from one of the local chamber of commerce ,

6). Invitation from one of the UK business expansion company on how to setup a business in the UK

7). Invitation from a known national govt organisation as a guest speaker on tech talk event around 200+ people and donate them application that supports 150K workers union. That app highlights my exemplary contributions to community building. Evidence include photos and reference letter from head of the company.

7). included photos of my business travel to 5 countries (one travel is within 5 year but the others are before 5 years) - TBC (not sure where I can fit that in)

Optional Criteria 3 (Impact):
8). Explains what is our core product, process diagram, use case and how it works - highlighted my Significant Contribution to the Commercial Success and impact.

9). Copy of contracts won from known companies at 2 national and one international firm.
Copy of the Purchase order from Company A
Copy of the Purchase Orders from Company B
Copy of the Purchase Order from Company C

And I put a note under each of these something like this shows an impact of our core product:
“As a direct outcome of successfully implementing the SecureSync solution, which integrates both hardware and software components to Company A, I secured approximately 30 contracts. Attached are a few examples of these contracts, collectively contributing to a turnaround of £ABC GBP from Company A.”

10). Structured overview provides a detailed account of my contributions, showcasing how the implementation of software positively impacted company A, company B and company C.
Attached a Letter from a client highlighting the impact of our product. emphasises on my leadership, technical knowledge and client testimonials.

Your evidence for the mandatory criterion does not demonstrate that you have been recognised as a leader. Evidence 1 is self authored and doesn’t show you have been recognised, the company registration also doesn’t add value in this context, any one can have a registered company, how do you stand out as a leader?

What’s the award and recognition about? Is this an industry recognised award or an award given by a business partner

How does invitation by a UK company demonstrate you are a leader. Again anybody can write this, it is not sufficient.

Number 7, for the talks, is this related to your work, if so it doesn’t count to OC3.

Evidence 8 also doesn’t proof anything.9 and 10 may be used to proof OC3, it depends on how it is presented and how you demonstrate your personal contribution.

Thank you for your feedback.

1). For MC1 to articulate my leadership journey, I’ve outlined the trajectory from starting in a remote area to scaling my business significantly. I demonstrated about the turnover I made in the last 5 years. brief highlight on my key achievements and contributions I made in a table. I’m also in a position to acquire a reference letter from a previous client to substantiate my leadership abilities or please advice what would be sufficient. (currently I have attached Certificate of Incorporation and Federal board of revenue certificate on the third page).
The sole purpose of MC1 for me to clearly indicate who I am, how I feel am a leader, my contributions to business, a bit about the company how I shaped it and at the end certificates of ownerships to prove my status of CEO)
I have excessive record and can easily obtain anything to prove my leadership as a business person would you guide me what kind of document is enough to validate it?

As I mentioned about the turnover for the last 5 years in closed brackets is it advisable if I can put a reference to another evidence e.g. (refer to MC2) in my case MC2 shows financial matrices/revenue.

2). For MC3 I have certificates of appreciation for outstanding contribution to digital engineering and a certificate of technical excellence from the companies who have given me recommendation letters (company A and company B).

3). Invitation is from the government firm supporting to expand business in the UK and they have appreciated what we are doing abroad. It also shows my willingness to help grow UK economy this is something I have been doing outside of my work.

4). Number 7, talks are about the business opportunities, possible international digital projects, networking to find the gap in digital space.

5). for number 8, I wanted to explain little bit about the product what our product is and my efforts to the Commercial Success and impact? I can evidence this with client testimonials. is it okay if I place short video thumbnails of client review about our core product to validate this?

Please please please I want to edit my application the best I can but your support will be appreciated,
mentioning again i can easily obtain any evidence. I am puzzle because I have a long list of business documents that my not fit on the allowed page limit. @Francisca_Chiedu

I think just having self authored evidence with reference letter is not strong enough. What other evidence are in the public domain to show you are a recognised or potential leader in your sector?

I have news clippings in a local news paper and some publications.
I was the main guest speaker in one of the company and they can provide me a reference letter. I also have videos, pictures etc.